On a Canal boat? Here's how to fit us into your trip!

At Cooking by the Canal du Midi, you will see rural French life while learning to prepare Classic French dishes with a modern twist!  Followed by lunch and fine wines on our Canal side terrace as you raise your glasses to other passing boaters!  

You can moor at the port or tie up at our mooring before or after your cooking class and even stay overnight at no charge. 


We can help you work up an itinerary to suit any of the boat pick up/ drop off scenarios and provide you with lots of useful information about what to see, where to eat and where to stop along the way!

Call or email us to discuss your trip. 

Moor up and join us for a day of cooking with lunch and wine ..... here are some sample itineraries

From Négra to Argens:

Day 1 - Négra to Port Lauragais

Day 2 - Port Lauragais to Castelnaudary

Day 3 - Castelnaudary to Bram

Day 4 - Bram to Carcassonne

Day 5 - Carcassonne to Trèbes - moor after the 3 locks

Day 6 - Trèbes to Millepetit cooking class - move to Marseillette for the night

Day 7 - Marseillette to Homps - moor after the lock for an early getaway to Argens!

From Homps to Castelnaudary:

Sat - Overnight in Homps

Sun - Homps to Millepetit for the night at our mooring

Mon - Cooking class, move to Trèbes for the night 

Tue - Trèbes to Carcassonne and stay there 2 nights. 

Thu - Carcassonne to Bram for the night 

Fri - Bram to Castelnaudary for the night

Sat - Hand back the boat in the morning 

Trèbes to Narbonne:

Day 1 - Trèbes - moor after the 3 locks
Day 2 -  Leave Trèbes at 9:00am - moor at Millepetit for a Cooking Class move to Marseillette for the night

Day 3 - Marseillette to Homps

Day 4 - Homps to Le Somail

Day 5 - Le Somail to Narbonne

Day 6 - Narbonne to Port-la-Nouvelle

Day 7 - Port-la-Nouvelle to Narbonne

Cruising information

Trip Planning

There are lots of resources out there to help plan you trip on the canal. For information on times/distances between locks go to La Voie Verte and for general information on the Canal the VFN site is superb.


Remember most attractions and many restaurants close on a Monday so a popular day to cook! 
Consider taking bikes and cycling inland to find vineyards and restaurants.  Bike hire is available from your boat hire company - why not leave the boat in the capable hands of 2 others and meet them at your lunch or night stop?  Some larger groups actually hire a car and take this alongside the boat to enable them to visit places like Minerve or Lastours
Taxis are not easy to find so always pre-book or ask your restaurant to arrange it. 
Remember - French restaurants are very strict about serving between 12:00 and 2:00 pm - a minute late and you will be hungry!  

Make sure you pick up supplies for the evenings you dine in and don't forget to grab some of the great wines available along the Canal.

Mooring beside the banks of the Canal du Midi under the trees is a great way to spend the night or head to a Port where there are restaurants and bars.

Wine tasting

www.chateaucanet.com offers vineyard tours and tastings for small groups, It is an 8 minute taxi ride from the Trèbes Port.   

www.vinenvacances.com offers great vineyard tours and much more, they can collect you from your boat or hotel.  

www.domaine-des-peres.com at Trèbes olive and olive oil tastings.  Homps Tourist Office and Ventenac offer tastings at their Ports.



The village has lots to offer for all tastes and budgets from fine dining at Le Moulin de Trèbes (04 68 78 97 57), a lovely setting beside the Ecluse de Trèbes (lock)  Great pizza at Tratoria Napoli (04 68 78 83 08),  Fish and seafood at La Poissonerie Moderne (04 68 78 26 72).  Lots of variety at Le Quai (04 68 24 82 80) – their seafood or meat platters are great.   


Check out the artisan jams and preserves at Le Confituriere just by the lock.  

Vignes du Bacchus Wine & Tapas Bar (06 73 71 47 66) offers simple tapas and a huge variety of wines,spirits and cocktails plus takeaway wines. 


Just away from the port, you will find L'Arganier (04 68 78 46 82) - a Moroccan restaurant set back from the port in a quiet lane plus Les Tres Bes (04 68 76 93 09) just back from the Canal on the roundabout.

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